Sukunimi Finnish Spitz Owners Page

Many thanks to all for supplying photos of their dogs

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Woody and Holly owned by Julie, Jim and Abbie

Sukunimi Katri  alias 'Rosie' owned by Jo Phillips

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Sukunimi Gemma owned by Sue & Brian Price

Sukunimi Miina owned by Sue & Brian Price

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Sukunimi Kati owned by the Forbes family

Sukunimi Siiri owned by the Zubkowska family

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Sukunimi Keltaru alias 'Kylie' owned by Dorothy Long

Sukunimi Finni with his owner Mr Jos de Bruijn

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Sukunimi Judi of Yoivo owned by  Jo Mansfield

Sukunimi Seppo & Sukunimi Suvi owned by Chris & Marianne Quinsee & family

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Sukunimi Miikka owned by Ayesha & Floyd Moses and family

Sukunimi Tyko owned by Colin & Lesley Pearson

Sukunimi Anja owned by Ian & Brenda Sullivan and family

Sukunimi Leni (alias 'Mani') owned by Katya Ozols

Sukunimi Matias (alias 'Humphrey) owned by Sarah and William Harmer

Sukunimi Leo owned by Elizabeth & Richard Harkins & family

Sukunimi Reku owned by the Quinsee family

Sukunimi Loki owned by Maureen & David Bukht

Rassi & Basil owned by the Gaunt family

Sukunimi Charlie owned by the Marriott family

Sukunimi Woody owned by the Salvage family

Sukunimi Sian owned by Gina and David Perrott


Sukunimi Satu of Sisu owned by Linda Anderson

Sukunimi Haway Geordie owned by Linda Anderson


Sukunimi Amigo & Sukunimi Destiny owned by Aurelie Valentin in France

'Scooby' owned by Nick & Kim Gill
'Shaggy' owned by Nick & Kim Gill Sukunimi Maija owned by Chris & Marianne Quinsee
Sukunimi Rusko owned by Tony & Sheila Joyce Sukunimi Eileen owned by Joelle Daniel in France
Sukunimi Jana (Ember) owned by Ken Foster & family Sukunimi Ilmari owned by Monique Bartolozzi in France