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When we acquired our first Finnish Spitz 'Tarka' in 1982, we were soon completely enchanted with her beauty, character and intelligence and we have never looked back, currently owning nine dogs!

Since 1982 we have bred around 24 litters, made up eight UK Champions plus three further CC winners, and helped scores of new owners acquire and appreciate this lovely breed. Sukunimi bred dogs have been exported to countries all around the world including Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and New Zealand, where they are appreciated for their quality, breed type and hunting abilities.

Over the years we have imported new bloodlines to ensure that our breeding line remains healthy, and in 2015 we were delighted to import a beautiful young dog from Finland called Ahonpään Esko bred by Ms A. Korkalainen, who has already won 3 CC's and two Best of Breed awards from the puppy classes.

We only breed once or twice a year from sound, healthy and typical stock, and are always willing to offer help and advice to those interested in Finnish Spitz.

Steve & Alison

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