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Is this breed suitable for you?

Q. Are they good with children?
A. Yes.
Q. Are they suitable to keep with other pets?
A. Yes, many owners also have other animals, cats, rabbits etc.

Q. Thereís nobody at home all day, should I go ahead and have a puppy?
A. No, this breed requires attention and companionship it would be unfair to keep a dog in these circumstances.

Q. Iíve heard they can be hard to train is this true?
A. They are more difficult than many breeds; we therefore suggest new owners attend training classes.
     Details can be found at your veterinary surgery, local library or the Kennel Club.

Q. Are they very noisy?
A. They are very vocal and the bark is quite high and sharp,
     but with training any unnecessary barking can be discouraged.

Q. I live in a flat and have no garden would this be a suitable home for a Finnish Spitz?
A. No. This breed requires an adequately sized, well-fenced garden to run in as  well as daily walks.

Q. Do they require a lot of exercise?
A. They will take as much exercise as you care to give them once fully grown, but  require a
     minimum of around 40 minutes per day.

Q. Do they need much grooming?
A. No, just daily brushing when moulting. No bathing or trimming is required.

We always recommend that those interested in the breed should visit an experienced breeder or owner before considering acquiring a puppy.