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The national dog of Finland, the Finnish Spitz is one of the best kept secrets of the dog world here in the UK, with very few puppies registered with the Kennel Club each year. Originally bred, and still used as a barking bird dog in its native land, the breed is very popular in Finland and other Scandinavian countries, where it is appreciated for its beauty, intelligence and integrity.

In appearance these dogs have the typical 'Spitz' look, characterised by sharply pricked ears and a tail which curls over the back. The eyes should be dark and almond shaped, with a pitch black nose. The coat consists of an outer coat which can vary in colour from a deep chestnut through to a pale red-gold with a soft cream coloured under coat, producing a clear contrast which makes the coat appear to glow. 

Fact file:
  • Height: Dogs 43-50cms - Bitches 39-45cms

  • Coat: Medium length double coat. Colour Red/Golden

  • Grooming: Naturally dirt shedding coat - only requires brushing when moulting. No bathing required at all. They are  extremely clean with no 'doggy odour'.

  • A very vocal breed, but any unnecessary or excessive barking can be controlled.

  • Will take as much exercise as is available. Minimum 40 minutes per day.

  • Requires securely fenced garden to run in (minimum 4ft fence with no gaps underneath).

  • Life expectancy approximately 12 years.

  • Good family pet - affectionate and sensitive nature, excellent with children. 

  • Good watchdog abilities.